Technical and linguistic quality assurance (QA) tool to support localization of software and other content into any language.

automatic QA checks
of experience

600 QA Checks

More than 600 pre-configured automatic QA checks. See the most popular checks here.

25 Years of Experience

Built on the results of 25 years of software localization experience of Logrus Global engineering team.


corporate-grade utility that can be customized for concrete QA requirements of particular client.

Fixing Errors On-the-fly

You can implement corrections and edit your translations within the utility itself — no extra tools needed.

Open File or Create a QA Project

You can open, check and fix a single bilingual file or create a QA project to check multiple files. The nested folders supported.

Huge Files Support

You can open a bilingual file of size up to 3 GB, or abour 8 million segments in case of translation memory.tmx file.

Configurable Checks

You can configure the parameters of particular QA check or verification criteria as necessary.

Exporting Error-Free Segments

When cleaning your TM or NMT training corpus with available checks, you can then export just "good" segments containing no errors.

Advanced Functionality

Search and replace with conditional parameters.
An advanced support of false positives (false error messages or warnings) to be excluded from the output QA log.


Rigora is a member of Logrus Global Localization Cloud family of translation and QA tools developed by Logrus Global company:

For example, if you need to check translations against the draft/temporary glossary while adding and changing the term translations in the glossary on-the-fly, you can open and edit the glossary in Goldpan and simply repeat the GAR check in Rigora each time you modify the glossary.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 / 10
  • .NET Framework 4

The Most Popular Checks

Punctuation, tags and placeholders, and other checks, configurable for language pairs
Check for invalid characters based on the target language script
Check for prohibited terms not to be used in translations
Check for the source words left untranslated within the target text
Check of source language against target, and the reverse
Check for consistency with a translation memory
Glossary Adherence Review (GAR) against external and customer-specific glossaries, with stemming support

File Formats:

Tab-delimited text files (.txt)
Excel CSV files (.csv)
Containers (.xlz)
Common bilingual file formats (.sdlxliff, .tmx, .ttx, .xlf, .xliff)
Configurable parsers for arbitrary XML and delimited text formats

How it works?

Rigora is a desktop Windows application capable of running numerous pre-configured QA checks on bilingual files.
You can export the bilingual files from your CAT tool, check these files in Rigora, fix any QA errors found by Rigora directly in Rigora, and finally import the files back to your CAT tool.

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Limit 1000 Translation Units, all language pairs

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Freelancer version

Limit 1000 Translation Units, all language pairs


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Version Release Date Improvements/Updates
2.0.0 24.11.2022 The second major release featuring extended check customization capabilities and hypertext tag support.
1.3.10 02.02.2021 New function added to the Check menu: now you can export all “clean” items having no errors detected with 'Export Checked Items Without Issues' command.
1.3.3 21.09.2020 New function added: calculation of source and target word counts for each bilingual XLIFF file in the Rigora project and the summary data for the whole project.
1.3.1 16.09.2020 New functions added:
  1. Spell checking
  2. Exporting XLIFF files to double-column tables in Word files for bilingual review in revision tracking mode
1.2.34 10.01.2020 More stable and fast performance; customizable predefined checks; adding new checks with source & target verification rules wizard
1.O ALPHA 01.06.2018 ALPHA version


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+1 267-774-4433